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(reset /ˌriːˈset/: to move back to an original place or position. To put back in the correct position for healing, To set again or differently.)

Founded by Jae Young CHOI, the Reset Studio is based in Paris since 2014.

Reset-Studio is above all a veritable atelier of creativity and technicity.

Prior to the creation of Reset-Studio, Jae Young CHOI has lead numerous architecture projects mixed, rich and complex architecture programs such as highrise hotels, offices or laboratory from the competition phase to the site supervision, in collaboration with many renowned architecture offices.

Since its foundation, Reset-Studio has carried out several operations of housing projects, urban redevelopment, as well as international projects in Jordan, UAE, Italy, Albania or Qatar where the projects that Jae Young CHOI leads are located in collaboration with Architecture-Studio.

Reset-Studio is particularly interested in working and moving forward in an intimate and constructive dialogue with the clients in order to meet the expectations of the project.

With strong background in international projects that requires collaboration with the specialists from different countries with different cultures, Reset-Studio aims to collaboration with artists, designers and engineers in the early stage of the projects that enables the architecture/ urban projects become more creative, innovative but technically feasible.

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4 – Architecte
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30 allée Vivaldi

75012 Paris

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06 07 08 52 33
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